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Welcome to Limofied, we'll be launching soon

Limofied is readily available to provide a professional and exceptional level of transportation services for passengers. Passengers in can book a car for point to point travel, airport transfer, weddings or special events for corporate clients and leisure travels.

Our Australian owned and operated app will ensure all passengers’ requests are provided by ’s best chauffeurs who will arrive on-time every time.

If you are located in and you understand the importance of comfortable and reliable transportation without compromising affordability, then Limofied is the convenient solution for your next trip. Our chauffeurs provide an incomparable level of professionalism and customer service and will be sure to set high standards for your transportation expectations.

How to Become a Chauffeur with Limofied

Limofied is an easy and enjoyable way to increase your income. Our highly advanced technology makes it easy for you to provide a professional transportation experience with a few simply taps on your smartphone.
Download and install the Limofied Driver App
Create a driver account by simply adding your personal and car details
Add your bank details into your app for convenient payment to your bank account
Congratulations you are now ready to receive Limofied jobs and increase your income

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Limofied Rider app iOS Limofied Rider app Android